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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Aloe Vera and Hair and Scalp Care

Hair loss, hair thinning, excessive frizz, dryness as well as well as dandruff, scalp and itchy scalp can
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all be treated successfully with properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera.

Soaps will leave your hair and scalp with a film while detergent concentrates do not.  Properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera has been added to good detergent concentrate shampoos to give healing qualities to the scalp while the cleansers do their work.

As with many other things ...hair and scalp conditioners very so much in different people that each person must find out what works best for oneself.

Some Aloe Vera shampoos have built in hair conditioners to make the hair more manageable and fuller in texture.  Other shampoos require a separate hair conditioners.  There are advantages to each ...so people should discover their own preferences.

Long before all these wonder products ...straight Aloe Vera juice and Aloe Vera gel was used for the hair ...as a shampoo, hair set and conditioners with remarkable results for both the hair and the scalp.

Some stories are handed down that some people would wet their hair at night with Aloe Vera juice ...allowing it to dry ...and then in the morning ...rinse with water, which would even suds.  This process reportedly added luster, richness and manageability to the hair.  Some beauty salons report that the Aloe Vera gel dries quickly, improves hair sheen and helps with scalp abrasions.  Often diseases of the scalp are treated directly with with properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera juice and/or gel.

Applying Aloe Vera gel to your hair once a week will strengthen your hair roots ...will increase your hair growth ...will reduce dandruff and greasy hair. Aloe Vera gel has the property to treat dry hair and itchy scalp when used often, also Aloe Vera gel can solve almost all hair and scalp related problems.

Properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera gel is rich in antibacterial, anti-septic and anti-fungal properties that can be used to get rid of itchy scalp ...provide a cool and calming sensation of the scalp and is very effective for treating sunburn on the scalp.

As an added benefit ...if you are plagued with thinning hair ...just add properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera gel to get that healthier new hair look ...and that's great news.

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