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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Understanding and Existance of Aloe Vera

 When talking about a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera and it's healing properties ...this remarkable plants history amount the different earlier cultures and modern times ...some of the information and stories told seem more like fiction than the real truth.  However, when one digs deeper into the history and uses of a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera ...we find some amazing results recorded.

As new discoveries were being made, using properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera in the 50's and 60's ...more and more scientific study groups were formed and their findings showed a greater therapeutic use than some of the more popular treatments of that era.

The use of a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera both topically and internally as a healing agent has become well known in the industry and has gained the trust of many renown researchers as well as the people on the street because of it's effective healing properties both topically and internally.

A properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera has the same healing power topically on a bad sun burn, cuts and bruises as it does internally with such digestive disorders as ulcers, colitis and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).  All showing positive healing improvement when treated with a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera formula.

It's not uncommon to hear new reports, stories and testimonials coming in everyday with new and remarkable treatments being used very successfully ...even when the drugs of choice have failed.

As far back as 1963, a group of  doctors documented their findings with patience who suffered with peptic ulcers treated with properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera reversed the ulcer problem.  Their highly positive results created the impression that peptic ulcers could be delayed and possibly prevent the development of peptic ulcers. 

Another highly successful study in 1963 involving a variety of bacteria strains ...Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus pyogenes, Corynebacterium xerosis, Shigella para dystenteriae, Salmonella
typhosa and Salmonella paratyphi was all successfully treated with properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera.  These test have proven over and over, time and time again that Aloe Vera, when properly stabilized is the most broad spectrum anti-bacterial product ever tested.

In the 70's another research group was very successful showing that a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera was positive against Candida albicans, the yeast like fungus responsible for the common yeast infection.  This is good news because it is now believed that Candida is responsible for many conditions such as Chronic Fatigue, Figromyalgia and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

With the advances in alternative medicine in the new millennium, properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera is sure to be one of the super stars of the industry as new data keeps pouring in as an important healing plant without all the poisons and harmful toxic side effects.

It could be said that more research, clinical application and hands on testing have been done with properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera in the last decade than in the previous half century combined and we are just getting started.

And as you might have read in many of our articles, it is always enjoyable to drink your properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera with flavor ...known as the "Best Tasting Aloe Vera!"

Friday, February 12, 2016

Why is Aloe Vera Used in Cosmetics and Personal Care Products?

First, the personal care and cosmetic industry is the second largest industry in the world ...the first being the food industry.  With so much competition in this industry, only the most versatile and efficacious products can survive.

In an industry where the competition is so sharp and the brands are so many, expensive treatments battle for their place in line to address human skin health.  And though the number of men interested in skin health is increasing ...still 90% of the personal care and cosmetic industry belong to women. And women know only too well that they are constantly being targeted by the product producers, mostly water based, that promote benefits and yet accomplish nothing.

Read the label.  The first ingredient listed is what makes the balk of the product.  And usually most of the personal care and cosmetic products list water as the first ingredient ...read the label!

In this industry, since Aloe Vera products use Aloe instead of water as the base, and since properly formulated organic Aloe Vera products are pharmaceutical grade ...these Aloe Vera products can provide what is termed and referred to as prescriptive skin care for it's users.

Aloe Vera personal care and cosmetic products usually have a long standing association with the American Society of Cosmetic Chemists and their uses for such treatments as dermabrasion and such conditions as acne and many skin disorders have shown that Aloe Vera has been praised for providing the ideal combination of therapeutic treatments that is renown for its beneficial effects.

When it comes down to push and shove ...the cosmetic potentials for Aloe Vera are in direct proportion to the ethics and the integrity of the companies that provide the stabilized organic Aloe Vera based products.

A reputable Aloe Vera product will clear up the chronic condition of Acne Valgaris.  This condition can be cleared with six weeks of routine use.

Psoriasis, an inflammatory skin disease of unknown origin that seems to affect people systemically in the form of unsightly skin blemishes  ...although to date no cure has been found ...a treatment with properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera Gel along with diet changes and vitamins have helped work to great success.

Using a stabilized organic Aloe Vera treatment, one will find its ability to improve the collagen formulation of helping the skin rebuild both the epidermal thickness and elasticity than any other treatment to the skin ...making the skin brighter and greater clarity ...improving the overall tone of the skin ...giving the skin color more uniformity ...a softening and imporvement to the smoothness of the skin ...the skin appears moister over a longer period ...significant improvement in elasticity of about 30% ...the oil on the surface is decreased.

So, as you can see, the Aloe Vera based personal care and cosmetic products have a remarkable advantage over the mass produced water based products.

Be sure to read the label!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What is Aloe Vera's Role in the Future?

That question could be a book in itself, but let's see what we can do here.

A properly stabilized Organic Aloe Vera formula has a lot of potential in the future for many reasons.

In the first place, we are, as a country, entering a new era of learning more about natural prevention and healing where as our health and wellness is concerned.  The demands of the growing population for safe, affordable, and effective natural treatments have opened up the forum for acceptance of alternative means of treatment too.  Exploding populations, the increase of highly resistant strains of pandemics ...the rising cost of health care and the demand that we find all reasonable means of prevention, treatment and care will keep Aloe Vera in the for front of the health conscious consumer.

Plus, the fact that the stabilized Organic Aloe Vera formula has with out a doubt, earned its place in the ranks of remarkable natural therapies.

With the volumes of research and clinical studies over the years in support of the Aloe plant's infinite potentials, the scientific community has finally opened it's doors to this remarkable plant.

In the wake of animal disease, pandemics and the so called super virus ...the market place demands it.

The important issue is to make sure the word gets out to the masses so that everyone will be able to benefit from the plants remarkable natural therapeutic potential.

As it stands right now, in a small private survey, it was found that roughly 60% of the people interviewed knew the name Aloe Vera.  Yet less than half of those had any idea what it was or even knew that it was a plant. And less than half of those knew of its therapeutic healing potential ...and half of those had "no idea" that you can drink Aloe Vera ...so with that said, the job is to somehow educate the masses of the potential health benefits of a properly stabilized Organic Aloe Vera formula before it can ever fulfill its well deserved role in world health.

 To educate the masses, one must first have the product efficacy of the Aloe Vera formula being used.  Then the questions invariably arise:  How much Aloe Vera should be used or consumed.

Have the products being used been properly stabilized?  If so, do they work?  And if they work, have they proven themselves in a professional scientific content?  Show the laboratory test and proof of numbers is the only way to successfully validate to the masses that a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera will help the masses take charge of their own health and be responsible for their own well being ...then and only then will the mass market understand the depth and scope of the Aloe Vera plant and its potential and role in world health.

So, to that end we press on with the process of education ...and when we distribute Aloe Vera we prefer a flavor ...actually it make the properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera easy to go down ...yes ask for the "Best tasting Aloe Vera" and you will be on your way to great health!