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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Aloe Vera and the Scientific Community

Even now, after years and years of scientific break through and landmarks, the medical community as a whole, resist the inclination to believe that many of the mainstream conditions one reads about in the news media ...that all these conditions and more could be treated successfully and with dramatic results with one simple plant and/or by the active ingredients from that plant known as Aloe Vera.

What continues to be resisted is the simple fact that not only is a properly stabilized Organic Aloe Vera perhaps the most versatile adaptable and compatible healer in the history of medicine ...which has without a doubt, time after time and in test after test proven to be the most broad spectrum anti-bacterial product ever tested.

All this leads up to the question ...that if a properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera is so versatile and so compatible to all the health conditions from A-Z ...then why hasn't the main stream media picked up on it and flooded the industry with all these positive results.

Perhaps, no matter how versatile, adaptable and compatible as a healant ...no matter how dramatic the medical breakthrough, no matter how much clinical data that favor it, properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera will always be the subject of the statement ...that nothing can be that good!

The day has finally come when no longer is properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera the secrete of the enlightened few.  It is now becoming known to the masses.  To some, this is good.  To others, it may not be so good.

First, we have to consider the matter of product efficacy and the quality of the Aloe Vera being used.  Then we have to be concerned with the matter of how much is real Aloe Vera and how much is watered down Aloe Vera and then whether or not the Aloe Vera is question has been properly stabilized.

This is important, because, what were dealing with here is the issue of credibility and the fact that Aloe Vera's universal popularity and use in fun cosmetics may actually be harming its image as a serious healant and its potential worth as a breakthrough product into a new era of profound medical respectability.

And whats important here is your ability to determine the percentage of properly stabilized organic Aloe Vera in the products you purchase can prove to be almost useless.

That's why we talk about the therapeutic healing value of an Aloe Vera product ...always know your supplier.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Properly Stabilized Organic Aloe Vera and the Skin

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Lets talk about Aloe Vera and the skin. The cosmetic industry, which is the second largest industry in the world next to the food production industry, which is number one, makes
many of its products using properly stabilized organic aloe vera as the main ingredient.

The cosmetic industry makes products such as personal care, toothpastes, deodorants, shampoos, hair sprays, hair creams, shaving creams, soaps, body powders, lotions, potions and creams for all conditions and all parts of the body for both men and women.

Also belonging to this list are products such as cleansers, astringents, emollients, humectants, creams, foundations, lipsticks, rouges, masques, hair dyes and every personal care product on the market.

The cosmetic industry grosses billions of dollars every year, affecting every one involved and continues to rapidly grow larger every year.

In this industry, where competition is fighting for your dollars …many cosmetic companies are battling for that “quick fix” when it comes to skin care. Many other companies promote the “instant beauty” concept where the magic potion will regenerate your skin over night. Still others sell the idea of the “convenience” of the next miracle product that will return skin to its once youthful appearance. Don’t fall into this trap. That’s the number one reason why we always end our information with the phrase …know your supplier.

Aloe Vera Creme
Aloe Pure Creme
"Silky to the touch and soothing to the skin"

In the cosmetic industry, 90% of the personal care products are targeted toward women. However, the number of men interested in cosmetics and healthy skin is increasing year by year.

Our recommendation is to read the label before making your purchase. The first ingredient listed is what makes up the bulk of any product and should be the dead give away if the product will positively benefit your skin in a therapeutic way. Most all products list water as the main ingredient …water as the main ingredient just don’t cut it if you’re looking for a product that will help regenerate the skin.

Properly stabilized organic aloe vera is the natural aid in the achievement of building or rebuilding healthy skin. One reputable aloe vera personal care product has been known to clear up the chronic condition of Acne Valgaris within six to eight weeks of routine use.

Other skin problems such as psoriasis …a inflammatory skin disease that affects some people systemically in the form of skin blemishes have been successfully treated with skin care products that contain properly stabilized organic aloe vera as the main ingredient in the product.

Using a stabilized organic aloe vera product as a treatment, you will find its ability to improve and rebuild both the epidermal thickness and the elasticity of the skin much quicker than any other skin treatment …making the skin brighter and improving the overall tone of the skin.

  • Giving the skin a more uniform color.
  • Improving the softness and smoothness of the skin.
  • Improving skin moistness for a longer period.
  • Improvement in elasticity.
  • Improvement in fine lines.
  • Decreasing the oil in the skin surface.
  • Balances the pH factor.

When using properly stabilized organic aloe vera as the main ingredient, the worry of contamination is eliminated because, since properly stabilized organic aloe vera is naturally bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal …the contamination concern is completely eliminated.

So, use a "properly stabilized organic aloe vera" as the main ingredient and blending it with a complement of pure beneficial adjuncts, will ensure it to be the finest product on the market, costing more than some are willing to spend, but, the results over the water based products are clearly visible for those who demand top of the line products that work and produce healthy skin.

The public, concerned with premature aging of the skin, needs to understand that healthy skin care is a daily care …not just every once in a while... by all means, know your supplier.